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About Our Crew

A retired food company sales and marketing executive, Captain Tony Palesotti founded Red Boat Water Tours as a means to fulfill a lifelong dream of living and working on the coastal waters of Florida. Captain Tony's passion for customer satisfaction drives him to ensure that each visitor's experience exceeds their expectations. He is a father of four and grandfather of two, and is passionate about airplanes, hot rods, and the US Marine Corps.

Miss Jennifer, a professional photographer, has been married to The Captain since 1992. She is the owner and founder of Artistic Photography by Jennifer Palesotti, where it is her mission to make life-lasting artwork out of your everyday lives and activities. As co-founder of Red Boat Water Tours, she and The Captain work together as captain and mate as often as they can. They share a crazy passion for wiener dogs and currently live with four!

To complete the "family affair" for Red Boat Water Tours, the couple's twin daughters Savanna and Sydney, currently serve as first mates. Savanna has recently completed training and passed the testing for her US Coast Guard Master Captain's license and will soon join dad at the helm. Sydney, a certified SCUBA diver, has a love for animals, cars, and mechanical things.

Sydney and Savanna


Our Mission

We will become the most remembered waterborne tour option in St. Augustine.

We will exhibit integrity and earn your respect by insisting on extreme customer satisfaction.

We empower our team members to make critical decisions based on their internal answers to these questions:

 Is it good for my customer?

Is it good for my community?

Is it good for my company?

Least of all, is it good for me?

Together, we observe and obey local and federal maritime laws and safety guidelines, pertaining to our operations.